Our Plan for building strong futures for all young South Australians

There are more than 266,000[1] young people aged 12-24 years living in South Australia. Our young people have always been active contributors to our state’s social, cultural and economic life, and will continue to be into the future. It is important that we hear their ideas, harness their talents and provide them with the opportunities and supports they need to build a strong future for themselves and for our state.

We want young people to be proud to live in a state that is at the centre of space innovation and a national leader on climate smart policies, such as our commitment to a zero emissions economy future.

We want young South Australians to be confident that we are making the best investments today for their futures tomorrow. That is why the voices of young people have been central to the development of the Strong Futures SA Youth Action Plan, and will remain central to the activities outlined in the Plan’s implementation.

The actions in this Plan are clear and practical. They build on the strong foundations of work that is currently being done, as well as identify new opportunities that respond directly to the priorities that young South Australians have expressed to us.

These flagship projects are exciting initiatives that will see new partnerships formed between government agencies and other stakeholders as together we deliver timely and tangible outcomes for young people within our state.

A Plan that delivers for all young South Australians will:

  • Listen to young people’s needs and aspirations and positively involve them in decisions that impact them and their communities
  • Coordinate efforts across government agencies and key stakeholders to provide young people with real opportunities now and for their futures
  • Support young people in context, whether through initiatives in metropolitan or regional communities, or by supporting them at critical life crossroads
  • Recognise and support the youth sector that supports young people


Every aspect and stage of the Plan will strive to:

Involve young people

Make real change

Focus on priorities

Our Vision

A South Australia that is safe, inclusive and sustainable for all young people, now and into the future

Priority Areas

The following priorities of the Plan have been informed directly by young South Australians. These priority areas represent the four pillars that we must invest in to create a bright future for all young South Australians.

Earn and Learn

Young South Australians are ready for work and life

Fair and Inclusive

Young South Australians are included and reach their potential

Wellbeing and Environment

Young South Australians are safe, healthy and resilient

Connect and Grow

Young South Australians are engaged and have influence