Signed in February 2018, the Buthera Agreement is a partnership with Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation which intend’s to drive development, economic enterprise and collaborative engagement with government agencies across Guuranda (Yorke Peninsula).

Initiatives in the Agreement include projects relating to youth justice; housing; domestic violence; health; child protection; and education and cultural studies.

As part of the Department for Human Services, Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services (MAYFS) within the Community and Family Services division are leading camps for young people under the Buthera Agreement.

More information about the Buthera Agreement overall is available on the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s website.


Strong Futures Action

4.2 Provide opportunities that enable young people to engage in recreation and cultural opportunities


Department of Human Services



Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

Domain: 3. Young South Australians are happy, inspired and engaged

Indicator: 3.2 Children and young people are connected to family, friends and culture