Our Goal

Young South Australians have the necessary life skills and supports to complete school and transition confidently to further education and training or to meaningful employment. They can successfully build vocational pathways that reflect the changing world of work. They are financially resilient and confident in their future.

What we know

While most young South Australians aged 15 to 24 years are engaged in study or work[3] and are on track to achieve their employment goals in the coming years, some find the transition from learning to earning or further study more difficult to navigate.

We know that when young people successfully transition from school to further social and economic participation, they are more likely to maintain an enduring positive trajectory.

We want to ensure that we generate the best opportunities for young South Australians to complete school and to transition confidently to further education, training and meaningful employment.

The Plan showcases initiatives across government that are already addressing these issues. Examples of these include:

Strong Futures Project 1

Young people told us that access to quality education and jobs is a priority

Build the foundation skills and participation of young people not in full time work and or/study

Dept. of Human Services and Dept. for Innovation and Skills


Strong Futures
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