Game On will identify the key opportunities and challenges for participants in and providers of sport and recreation through extensive community consultation. The Game On project aims to:

  • Provide vision and direction for South Australia’s sport and recreation industry.
  • Identify future opportunities for economic growth within the industry.
  • Enhance social capital and capability for world class facilities and events.
  • Increase stakeholder understanding and engagement with emerging issues.
  • Develop a common platform for stakeholder collaboration, strategic and sector planning.
  • Better inform government agencies on how sport and recreation can contribute to whole of government objectives.


Note: This initiative is not youth specific but includes youth as a cohort of interest.


Strong Futures Action

2.9 Provide inclusive sport and recreational places for young people



Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing


Under development

Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

Domain: 3. Young South Australians are happy, inspired and engaged

Indicator: 3.3 Children and young people play and participate in recreational activities