The Department of Human Services (DHS) is the endorsed lead agency for the Strong Futures SA Youth Action Plan. DHS has led the development of the Plan and will monitor and report back on its implementation. DHS will also facilitate ongoing engagement with young people across all stages of the Plan.

The Plan includes both a comprehensive map of existing youth-related initiatives across government agencies and the Plan’s own Strong Futures Projects. DHS will facilitate the delivery of the Strong Futures Projects. This will include supporting the necessary collaboration across government and non-government agencies by establishing a project team for each project. These teams may include government agencies, private or community sector representatives and, importantly, young representatives.

Project teams will:

  • determine the scope of the project and possible partners
  • consider priorities and resources, as well as timelines for delivery
  • oversee delivery of the actions
  • confirm measures of success for the project.

Young South Australians will be invited on a case-by-case basis to act as ‘youth advisors’ on project teams. Youth involvement will be tailored to each project to ensure meaningful and relevant engagement.

The implementation of the Strong Futures SA Youth Action Plan will also utilise established engagement and stakeholder networks across the government and non-government sectors as applicable.

Monitoring Success

How we are accountable for the Plan’s outcomes

The Plan will be delivered from 2020 – 2022. DHS will report back on the Plan’s progress annually to the Social Affairs Cabinet Committee. This is a subcommittee of Cabinet that drives the development and implementation of the government’s commitment to strategic reforms in social policy from a whole of government perspective, including delivery models, resource allocation and stakeholder engagement.

The Plan is designed to be flexible and responsive to ongoing feedback and to changing priorities. Annual review led by DHS will ensure that actions can be adapted as needed and that new actions can be included as they arise.

At the conclusion of the Plan, young people, as well as government agencies and the community and private sectors, will be invited to provide feedback on progress and have input into the development of the future strategic directions for young South Australians.

All actions in the Plan have been mapped to the Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People. The framework was formally adopted in November 2019, placing South Australia at the forefront of an emerging national trend for a holistic focus on improving policy settings and service delivery to children and young people. The framework sets out to monitor, track and report the outcomes of children and young people (birth to 18 years) in five dimensions:

  • health
  • safety
  • wellbeing
  • education
  • citizenship

Although the framework targets those up to 18 years, there are many indicators still relevant for young people up to 24 years of age. This mapping will be available online as an Appendix in the final Strong Futures SA Youth Action Plan.

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