COVID-19: Advice for sectors that support young people

For the latest information on COVID-19 in South Australia call 1800 253 787 or visit  and the SA Health website at

Grants and funding

A number of grants and funding have been made available from state and commonwealth governments to sectors that support young people.

Information about these opportunities is available at The updates from the Premier and the Prime Minister on the homepage of this site also have the latest grant and support announcements.

An example of funding that the South Australian youth sector is highly encouraged to consider is the COVID-19 Support Grants under Grants SA. Eligible not-for-profit community organisations can apply for up to $10,000 to continue to deliver programs during the public health emergency.

Online youth sector forum

The Government of South Australia (via the Department of Human Services) will be co-hosting an online forum with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia to hear directly from a range of sectors that support young people about current needs and what will be most helpful going forward. Further details will be released soon and updated here.

Strong Futures Projects and COVID-19 recovery

The development of the Strong Futures: SA Youth Action Plan was a year in the making and launched around the same time as COVID-19 hit. For this reason, the Plan doesn’t currently refer to COVID-19 related issues. Strong Futures Projects featured in the Plan however are intended to be co-designed further with partners and are adaptable over time.

As projects are developed, and we consider the longer term impacts of COVID-19, we look forward to providing further information about support available to young people and the sectors that support them.

COVID-19: Advice for young people

Visit the links above or head to YACSA’s Smashed Avocado for news and resources tailored to suit young people’s most common questions and concerns about COVID-19.

Looking for somewhere to just hang out and be heard online? The Commissioner for Children and Young People also has a new Hub space that can help you stay connected online with other young people.

Young people's wellbeing

It’s normal to feel stress and worry when there is a health event happening in the community that is affecting people’s wellbeing. It’s important to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out our top tips below.


Help and support

If you need help and support at this time, useful places to start are:

Wellbeing SA’s new platform, Open Your World, contains a wealth of information on looking after yourself and others, connecting, staying active and health and learning at home.

SA Health – Information for Parents, Carers and Children About COVID-19 and where to go for help

Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

For young people

SA.GOV.AU is the best place for South Australian citizens and businesses to find government services and information. Just search ‘youth’ or ‘young people’ and you’ll find a wealth of resources and services available across the state.

Further useful phone numbers and websites are listed below.


If you are in danger now, phone 000 (triple zero) to get help from the fire service, ambulance service or police.

For non-urgent police assistance, phone 131 444.

For assistance in a mental health emergency, contact the mental health triage service.

Phone 13 14 65 (24 hours, every day).

Be You

Be You supports children’s and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools, from early years to 18. Be You is lead by Beyond Blue and replaces the KidsMatter mental health and wellbeing initiative for children.

Kids Helpline

Counselling services for children and young people from 5–25 years old.

Phone 1800 55 1800 (24 hours, every day).


National youth mental health foundation for children and young people from 12–25 years old.

Phone 1800 650 890.


QLife is Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people. The service provides nation-wide, early intervention, peer-supported telephone, and web-based services to people of all ages experiencing psychological distress, social isolation, discrimination, poor mental health, experiences of being misgendered and/or other social determinants that impact on their health and wellbeing.

Phone 1800 184 527 (3.00pm-midnight every day).

Parents Helpline SA

Advice on children’s health and parenting, including feeding and settling babies, for parents and carers.

Phone 1300 364 100 (24 hours, every day).

Child Abuse Report Line (CARL)

Call CARL if you suspect children or young people are being abused or neglected.

Phone 13 14 78 (24 hours, every day).

Health and Community Services Complaints Commission (HCSCC)

HCSCC helps people with complaints about health or community services provided in South Australia.

These services may include (but are not limited to):

  • registered health professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dentists
  • alternative health therapists such as acupuncturists, naturopaths and masseurs
  • other community services such as disability services, in-home support, respite care, and counselling.

Phone 8226 8666 or lodge a complaint online.

Key state youth advocates

In 2016, the South Australian Government introduced the Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Act 2016 that gives powers to the following independent bodies in South Australia:

The Act recognises the rights of children and young people in accordance with the law and those set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The bodies under the Act, are charged with representing the best interests of children and young people in South Australia, including advocacy for systems changes.

In 2018, the State Government also appointed a Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

Another important state advocate for young people and those that work in the sector is the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia.

The state government aims to continue to maintain good working relationships with key state youth advocates.

Engagement with young people

The South Australian Government, in collaboration with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia and young people, produced Better Together: A Practical Guide to Effective Engagement with Young People. This resource is a starting point for engagement with young people in decision making processes and includes practical tools and tips to plan and undertake successful consultations and engagement.


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