Our Goal

Young South Australians are safe, healthy and resilient. They have a strong sense of culture and identity. They have confidence and agency in the future of South Australia and the planet.

What we know

Our wellbeing can be influenced by physical, mental, economic, social or cultural elements. These elements in turn can be influenced by ourselves, others and the places we live.

Half of all mental health conditions that can be experienced at some point in our lives will have started by age 14[8]. When help is needed, for whatever reason, it’s important young people can access the right information and support at the right time.
Keeping young people safe and well and increasingly promoting positive wellbeing is critical to leading a full life.

When it comes to the environment, one of the greatest challenges facing all generations is addressing climate change related impacts and embedding sustainable environmental practices. These are issues young people are passionate about on a local, state and global stage.

Examples of initiatives that protect and promote the wellbeing of young people and the environments they interact with include:

Strong Futures Project 5

Young people told us that preventing financial exclusion of young people and their families and access to mental health services and better mental health awareness / decreasing of stigma was a priority


Invest in prevention approaches that tackle the key issues affecting young people’s wellbeing.

Focus areas include:

  • address the drivers of violence against women
  • reduce problem gambling harm and improve financial literacy
  • promote help seeking and reduce stigma
  • support positive mental, social and physical health
  • promote social inclusion and improve suicide prevention

Dept. of Human Services and Dept. for Health and Wellbeing

Strong Futures Project 6


Invest in providing the right information to young people, through the right means, at the right time

For example, work with young people to review current government service information.

Dept. of Human Services


Strong Futures
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