Green Adelaide will be a new and innovative organisation that offers an integrated approach to managing our urban environment. The state government is focusing its attention on metropolitan Adelaide through increased efforts to green and cool our backyards, streets and neighbourhoods, enhance biodiversity and create open and healthy green spaces for everyone.

Green Adelaide recognises the importance of connecting community to nature and managing our urban environment through an integrated approach – from the hills to the sea. Nature Education is a key priority for Green Adelaide and will provide lifelong learning through connections to nature and greener city initiatives.

Note: This initiative is not youth specific but addresses priorities identified by young South Australians.


Strong Futures Action

3.9 Build more climate resilient and liveable places


Department for Environment and Water



Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People

Domain: 1. Young South Australians are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy

Indicator: 1.4 Children and young people are thriving